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Fun Fly aerosports was set up to facilitate those who are  passionate about flying  and to make flight accessible and affordable for anyone who has the interest .

 Sole agents and Irish Dealer for ICP aircraft Savannah S and Ventura in Ireland.

Fun Fly Aerosports Limited are suppliers of ICP Light Aircraft Savannah S and Ventura Models. Both of which can be purchased ready to fly or in kit pack form.

ICP Savannah S and Ventura

ICP have been building Savannahs and Venturas for 18 years. They  have built over 2000 kits and over 1000 factory built aircraft. All parts are manufactured in CNC machines so that if you ever need a spare part you are assured of a perfect fit of any replacement part. ICP was one of the first Light Aircraft Manufacturers to obtain ISO 9001 Certification.  ICP has DOA (Design Organisation Approval) Certification under EASA. At Fun Fly Aerosports we have personally  built and assembled 6 Savannahs test flown over 10 Factory Built aircraft.
We have a deep knowledge of the design, construction, assembly, and flying ability of these outstanding STOL aircraft. If you choose to  purchase the Factory Built Ventura or Savannah S aircraft I will be very happy to share my knowledge and experience so that you can gain maximum satisfaction from having and flying your own aircraft . ICP, the manufacturer of the Savannah and Ventura, are based in Italy and have  ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Standards which guarantees the consistency of the materials and workmanship that go into the aircraft.

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