Kit Aircraft

All  kit parts are produced by serial production  and laser-cut, allowing for perfect interchangeability of the spare parts. All the aluminum skins are cut to size, pressed or shaped, drilled and ready to be riveted using the rivets supplied with the kit.

Take advantage of our Kit building experience !

We have previously assembled numerous Aircraft and continue to do so on an ongoing basis. If you would like to avail of our services  please get in touch here.

“Estimated building time without painting and upholstery work – 400 hours         

With painting and upholstery work – 600 hours                   

First time builders expect a build time of between – 700 -800 hours”

Savannah S Light Aircraft Kit Pack Contents

Kit 1 Savannah S Includes

• All bolts, nuts and washers
• locking wire
• 2 x Wing tanks containing 36 liters (9 gal) each with ball-cock reserve indicator
• three point safety harness
• dual throttle
• plastic tips for wings, ailerons, slats and tail
• Templates for adjusting ailerons, tail. etc.

Kit 2 Savannah S Includes

All of  KIT #1, plus:

• Rotax 912 engine mount with mountings and connections
• engine cowlings
• water radiator, oil radiator, hoses with steel spiral core, steel reinforced oil tubes, NORMA and ABA clamps
• cockpit heating system
• complete fuel tubing beyond the firewall, with electric pump, filter, distributor with attack for the fuel pressure gauge and fuel return to the tank, rubber stratified fuel hoses NBR + CR with NORMA clamps
• navigation and engine instruments: air speed indicator 80 mm , three-pointers altimeter 80 mm , vertical speed indicator 80 mm, tachometer/Hobbs for Rotax 912 80 mm, slip/skid indicator, compass, voltmeter, oil pressure, oil temperature, cylinders head temperature left and right, inside cowling temperature indicator, fuel pressure
• complete electrical wiring harness with dry charge battery, keyed master, two thermo breakers, switches for all electrical systems, battery charge light, fuel reserve light with test button, landing light, cabin light, elevator trim servo
• double padded high back seats To complete the airplane you would need: Rotax 912 engine with oil tank, current rectifier, exhaust and propeller

Kit 3 Savannah S Includes

All of KIT #1 and Kit #2, plus Rotax 912 engine, voltage regulator, oil tank, exhaust with stainless steel silencer, propeller and spinner

Kit Aircraft

Ventura Light Aircraft Kit Pack Contents

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“Fun Fly Aerosports provide easy to assemble kit aircraft. The Savannah is an award winning  Best in Class for both the Kit and Ready to Fly models”

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