ICP Savannah S

Savannah S Microlight Aircraft

The Savannah S Microlight Aircraft which is available from us as a 450kg microlight Factory-Built or Kit or 600Kg Group A aircraft Kit. 

This aircraft  represents the latest evolution and the synthesis of all improvements introduced by the world-famous Savannah aircraft.

The Savannah S differs from its predecessors by having a stretched, rounded and wider fuselage in association with wings which have vortex generators and Junkers flaperons fitted make the Savannah™ S a comfortable, safe and fun plane with the ability to fly as slow as 50 km/h while also cruising at 180 km/h and topping at almost 200 km/h. 

The sporty harmonised controls and handling and super STOL performance allows you to reach any destination, and more importantly, fly out of the tightest of runways.

The wide and tall panoramic cabin, with glazed roof and doors assure the best comfort for the taller pilots, the adjustable rudder pedals and adjustable seats in the centre stick model and the wider and higher positioned instrument panel that leaves more space for the knees ensures your comfort for those long flights.

Fuel / Mileage

18.5 l/h
Operating range 4 h (approx)

Able to fly as slow as 50 km/h while cruising at
180 km/h topping at almost 200

Available colours

Any Colour

Roof and Doors
completely transparent

Engine Options

Rotax 912 (80 HP0)

Rotax 912S (100 HP)

Rotax 912 IS , (100 hp injected engine)


People: 2

Luggage: 20kg

Fuel Max Tank 2 x 36 Litres

Fuel Reserve Tank  6 Litres

Detailed Specs for Savannah S Microlight Aircraft

  • Rotax engine 912 S 100 Hp
  • Maximum speed 198 Km/h
  • Wing span 9.00 Meters
  • Wing area 18.87 Mq
  • Height 2.58 Meters
  • Length 6.60 Meters
  • Cabin width 1.13 Meters
  • Empty weight 286 Kg
  • MTOW 600 Kg
  • Load factor with ultimate tensile
  • strength +6/-3 g
  • Flaps control Manual (electrical opt.)
  • Luggage capacity 20 Kg
  • Max tanks capacity 2×36 Liters
  • Reserve tank capacity 6 Liters
  • Rotax engine 912 S 100 Hp
  • Maximum speed 198 Km/h
  • Speed at 75% 179 Km/h
  • VNE 230 Km/h
  • Rate of climb (90 Km/h) 1.200 ft/min
  • Maximum ceiling 4.000 Meters
  • Stalling speed with no flaps 57 Km/h
  • Stalling speed with flaps 49 Km/h
  • Efficiency 1:11
  • Take off run 55 Meters
  • Landing run 70 Meters
  • Consumption at 75% 18.5 l/h
  • Operating range 4 h (approx
Purchasing Options
The airplane is offered ready to fly and in a kit version. The Kits are modular and have different levels of components (Kit 1, Kit 2, Kit 3 and Kit 4) with estimated assembly time between 110 and 350 working hours. A wide offer of options allows the pilot to customize the Savannah™ S satisfying their requirements and needs. The instrument panel, wider and roomier, can contain the latest technological innovations.
Safety & Handling
  • Wings with vortex generators means a cruise speed increase up to 180 kmh without compromising the very low stalling speed.
  • Aerodynamic profiling is improved thanks to the streamlined engine cowling and to the major slope of the (windshield).
  • Wider dimensions in the cabin allows for more leg room for the pilot.
  • Panoramic views thanks to the canopy and the doors that are fully transparent.
  • Adjustable rudder pedals, standard or advanced position of 10 cm.
  • Wider and higher positioned instrument panel leaves more space for the knees.

Engine Options For the Savannah S Light Aircraft

Highlighted Features of Savannah S Microlight Aircraft

Self Build Option

If you have mechanical experience or have resources to build out your own Kit, this is a good option

Rotax Engines

All our engines are passed via stringent quality controls and with a name like Rotax you know you are in safe hands.

Instrument Panel Customisation

A wide offer of options allows the
pilot to customize the Savannah™ S
satisfying their requirements and needs.

0% APR Financing

Kit Build Assistance

We have a number or SLA’s to choose from depending on your requirements.

  • Full Build / Paperwork and 3 year service
  • Build and Paperwork only
  • Build assistance only
  • Half day service workshop

Want to Sell Your Used Plane?

Simply send on your aircrafts details and price and  we will put it into our database with your contact details  where you can be contacted directly.

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