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The Savannah S available as a 450kg Microlight and also as a 600kg aeroplane and the Ventura models are both available as ready to fly aeroplanes. If you are looking for Microlight Aircraft Sales in  Ireland we can help you.

Savannah S Model

The Savannah™ S represents the latest evolution and the synthesis of all improvements introduced by the world famous Savannah aircraft. A growing fl eet of more than 2000 planes built, justify the fame to be a solid, reliable and versatile partner for the sport pilot. The Savannah S is a  comfortable, safe and fun plane able to fl y as slow as 50 km/h while cruising at 180 km/h topping at almost 200. Sporty handling and super STOL performance allows you to reach any destination.  

Ventura Model

The ventura is an all metal construction,high wing, single engine airplane equipped with tricycle landing gear. What you feel flying the ventura, is a superior level of comfort, quality and efficiency ideal for touring, training and recreational flights. It is a fully metallic construction made with state-of-the-art industrial technology, the Ventura is a high-wing aircraft that can accommodate several engines with power ranging from 100 to 180 hp.


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