Service Packages to Assist you with Your Build

We have a number of service packages to assist  you whilst putting together your new kit 

Avail of our all inclusive Kit Building Service

 Full paperwork, build and 3 year service package from day one.

Light Aircraft Kit Build Service Packages

 Package 1 – Full Build / Paperwork / 3 years Service

Full paperwork/ build and service package from day one , renewable every 3 years. This includes all paperwork  starting from the Registration of the kit build , followed by the build stage inspections as required by National Microlight Association of Ireland or any other approved organisation on behalf of the Irish Aviation Authority IAA, followed then by the application for Irish Registration. One this is received, the aircraft will then be test flown and  the aircraft will then by tested and will apply for a permit to fly . A radio licence will also be required. One all this has been required the aircraft is good to fly. The permit to fly has to be required every year . 
In relation to build : full 24/7 build assistance will be available .
Servicing the aircraft : this will include a full check before test flights .
With any new aircraft there are many checks that must be carried out after only a few hours of flight. Once these are all passed , the airframe and engine will require regular checks as set out by the aircraft maintenance manual schedule and also by the engine maintenance manual. This will be all covered.

 Package 2 – Build and Paperwork Only

If you don’t need the service package, this is a good option for those who want to build their own aircraft. It will include all build assistance and the paperwork package up until the application of the aircrafts first permit to fly application .

Package 3 – Build Assistance Only

We will assist you in completing your kit built aircraft to the point where it is ready to be tested and flown.

Package 4 – Service and Maintenance Workshop

Learn to service and maintain your aircraft . This is a half day introduction to the correct way to carry out works on your aircraft plus an introduction into recording the aircraft and engine logbooks correctly.

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